Fountain pen handwriting alphabet

Inks and chromatography Not all inks are fountain pen inks. For example, one of best known of the codices written in the Carolingian script, the Godescalc Gospelswas commissioned by Charlemagne on Oct. This enabled writing to be used not only for religious purposes, but for commerce. The first writing books by French, Dutch, and English authors appeared in the second half of the 16th century.

The highlight of Insular script fell between the 7th and the mid-9th century, although it was practiced up to the 19th century locally. The writing utensil needs to be lifted up only once when writing each character, thus enabling faster writing.

French Cursive

Gothic script, being the writing style of scribes in Germany when Gutenberg invented movable type, became the model for the first type face. I have found that Sheaffer Red is one of the most permanent inks, and Sheaffer Blue, one of the most washable. Fountain pen inks consist of water, one or more soluble dyes, and a small amount of a wetting agent detergent both to clean the pen and to help the ink adhere to paper that may be slightly oily.

Sheaffer Snorkel Apparently from the s, this is a Sheaffer "snorkel-filling" pen. The system is fast, attractively cursive, but frustrating for personal use since each vowel symbol can represent several possible vowel sounds.

This cursive handling led to new and simpler letter forms such as two strokes for D three strokes and two strokes for E four strokes. Vowels are often omitted for speed at the expense of readability, as in most shorthand systems.

Flushing with water will clear it. All of his interest in spelling and alphabet reform was made clear in Shaw's will of Junein which provision was made for Isaac James Pitman, with a grant in aid from the Public Trustee, to establish a Shaw Alphabet.

Shavian alphabet

Based on their appearance, one would expect the ligature of these letters to be joined at the bottom and free at the top, yet the opposite is true. Around the middle of the 16th century, cancelleresca, or Italian chancery italic, had become the preferred hand of English intelligentsia and the royal court, who had learned it either directly from Italian or French writing masters such as Beauchesne or from printed books.


Here's a chart of what I came up with. Yet it does not explain how to write any of the 15 styles of handwriting it contains. Both scripts account for a separate writing phenomenon known as Insular script.

The letters B, L, and F are sometimes taller than the other capitals to distinguish them from R, I, and E, which are similar in appearance.

The focus of these books on commercial rather than calligraphic scripts probably reflects their most likely consumers—a merchant class in need of practical writing skill rather than a scholarly or courtly audience.

In a handwriting competition ofher italic was judged best. The last quarter of the 16th century also marks the emergence of women from their relative obscurity in the field of calligraphy.

Few if any new symbols need to be learned. They may have found the motion of the pen to be more fluid if they held it with the shaft out to the side rather than pointing back over the right shoulder.


Rules usually call for dropping of most vowels, some words, and using semi-phonetic spelling. Here the pen, cut to a narrow point, was held at an oblique angle similar to that used for rustic capitals, but the pen was lifted less often and the writing was faster.

American Cursive

Elegant handwriting became a status symbol. They had played an important role in the production of manuscripts since the 8th century, when the oldest surviving Roman sacramentary Vatican Library, Reg. Common Dreams Meaning Interpretations. A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z; "A".

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Fountain pen handwriting alphabet
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