An argument against major league baseball in needing a salary cap

A salary cap would make some of the higher salary teams like the Yankees to either get the players on their team with big contracts to take less money or to some of the lower salary teams that can afford them.

How many more tickets will he sell; how much will he increase advertising revenue on your team's broadcasts; how many more souvenir jerseys will fans buy; how much will he increase the value of the franchise.

Are salary caps necessary. Owners also have the advantage of being the only show in town, as no viable alternative leagues exist to draw players. Beyond the obvious -- you really don't want to play in the tiniest markets, or in Canada -- the correlation between market size and playoff appearances is extremely weak.

Five champs plus Mavericks, 76ers, Nets, Magic, Cavaliers. When sports teams change hands, however, the actual sales price is invariably higher.

The stronger NBA correlation suggests that in the absence of spending restrictions, teams might gain a significant edge, which could cause overall league revenues — and in turn player salaries — to decline as a select few teams in large markets or with wealthy owners dominate each and every year.

Other studies have shown that salary caps have effectively promoted competitive balance and concluded that forbidding leagues from operating as a single entity would hurt revenues. Opponents of the salary cap fear it will disrupt the free market system, by prohibiting teams with high payrolls from purchasing players at will.

Debate: Salary cap in MLB

Louis Maroons ran away with first place by 21 games. The need for spending limits will vary by sport, but the strongest case against a cap comes in the only game without one: This is why the players' union didn't consider it worth striking over: If set the cap at million dollars then the teams over that cap would have to let go some of their stars to the lesser salary teams.

No deal materialized, so James continues to play in the United States. If we chart postseason appearances against average team revenue, we find that a little more than half of getting to the postseason is determined by team revenue. Owners always bring up annual revenues and costs when negotiating a salary capbut only focusing on those figures is extremely shortsighted.

The case for salary caps is strongest for sports in which the correlation between money and wins is relatively strong. A more significant measure is whether poor revenue potential is locking teams out of pennant races for years at a time.

High revenue may help lead to the postseason, but postseason appearances increase revenue as well. Nov 30,  · Minimum salary: The Major League minimum salary will increase from Cano lobbied against it, to wait two years as he turns 23 in July from being considered for Major League Baseball.

Dec 30,  · There's no need for a salary cap in baseball. Not having one helps the owners and the players. It helps the players get large contracts, it helps the big market owners have the liberty to sign without concern for money (and justify high ticket prices), and unlike other sports, it helps the small market owner due to revenue Resolved.

Should there be a salary cap in Major League Baseball?

I just can't see baseball surviving without a salary cap. The fans in smaller markets are getting jaded as fuck comparing their team to the big boys and the big boys need the rest of the league in order to play.

Major League Baseball Needs a Salary Cap A salary cap in pro sports is the amount of money every team in a league can spend on all of the players on its roster in one year. Major League Baseball does not have a salary cap.

May 22,  · Here’s the history, the current climate, and what the owners might say about a cap now in Major League Baseball.

Why a salary cap is no solution

The History Of MLB’s Owners Seeking A Salary Cap. -Judicial exemption granted to Major League Baseball in that immunizes the league from being sued for violations of the antitrust laws. -Baseball did not act in interstate commerce. .

An argument against major league baseball in needing a salary cap
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